On Saturday night, the Fifth Annual Mike Marfeo Memorial Jr. race for the Late Models headlined the action. The 50-lap main event saw plenty of action, but in the end, it was Ryan Lineham coming out on top with his second win of the season. Driving a Nick Uring car this year, Lineham elected to step out of the Rollie Lindblad Pro Stock and set himself up for action chasing the Late Model championship.
Heading into Saturday, Lineham was tied at the top of the standings with Gerry DeGaspere Jr., but now will hold the top spot all alone. When the feature took the checkered flag, the top three in the point standings all were inside the top five. Dylan Estrella struggled all day to find the handles on the Everett’s Auto Parts No. 46 and he even pitted during the feature to try and get it better. In the end, Estrella drove all the way back to the front and came home in second spot. DeGaspere Jr. rounded out the top five. Those three drivers will all be in the hunt when the season comes to a close in September.
In the Sports Trucks, Mike Cavallaro returned his No. 80 to Victory Lane holding off a hard charge from Barry Shaw Jr. in the final laps. Just after the halfway point, Cavallaro had to fight off a hard charge from Somerset, Mass. driver Mike Duarte, but he was able to do that. Shortly after, Barry Shaw Jr. got into second spot and started using the bumper, letting Cavallaro know he was there to try and make a move.
In the end, Shaw Jr. couldn’t do enough to get around the former champion and had to settle for second. The victory for Cavallaro was a high note in a season that has been filled with tough luck. While Shaw finished second, a three-wide battle for third coming off turn four saw trouble for Chase Belcher, the points leader. Belcher went spinning and didn’t spin across the line, forcing him to finish outside the top-10. He lost a lot of points in the final lap that may come back to bite him — only time will tell.
The 40 lap Pro Stock feature went from the drop of the green to the checkered flag without a caution flag and it was Kenny Spencer returning his No. 3 into Victory Lane. Spencer ran over the side of Kyle Casper’s car the last time the division raced and the team spent a lot of money and put a lot of work into returning to the track this weekend. Spencer started from fourth position, but quickly worked his way to the lead and never looked back.
Behind Spencer at the finish was Bobby Pelland, who broke a streak of tough luck to finish second. Fred Astle also found some new speed in his Everett’s Auto Parts No. 30 and he came home third at the finish. David Darling and Tom Scully Jr. rounded out the top five.
The 25 lap Sportsman feature also went without a caution flag on Saturday night and when it was complete, Rob Murphy returned his No. 1 into Victory Lane. Murphy started right from the front and was at the point for the distance, dominating the race. Behind him at the finish was Chad Baxter, who failed to pass tech inspection, so Scott Bruneau ended up with a second place finish. Ryan Flood, Sparky Arsenault and Scott Serydynski rounded out the top five at the end of the distance.
Next Saturday night, we have a special treat for Late Model fans, with the ACT Tour in town. Don’t forget that the 2nd annual US Pro Stock/Super Late Model Nationals will also take place this WEDNESDAY night, with $10K up for the winner.