Indoor Racing Check In With Joey And Anthony Payne

4WIDE- Heading into the 16th annual running of the TQ Midget Gambler’s Classic this weekend Joey and Anthony Payne check in to discuss how the series started off for them, as well as what they are looking forward to this weekend at Atlantic City’s Boardwalk Hall.

Joey Payne – “We had a good weekend in Allentown. We made both features with the Tolerico No. 83. We struggled with the new car at first but got it good after time trials. We started eighth in our Heat Race Friday night and drove it to second, which gave us a 14th starting spot in the A Main. The Feature started and we immediately started marching to the front. I was running 5th with about six laps to go, and got dumped in turn one and two. From there I went to the back and wound up finishing seventh.

Saturday we started fifth in the Heat Race and wound up second again which placed us ninth in the A-Main. When the race started we actually fell back a few spots on count of a bad line getting jammed up, but we started making our way to the front and at one point was about seventh on a restart and got turned into the wall. I got hooked in the right rear loading the left rear and when that happens your just along for the ride, so up the wall i went and came down only losing one spot as the yellow flew. We had a good run going battling our way to fourth with five to go only to get tangled up and piled into. I limped it home for a 10th place finish despite two lower control arms being bent, three wheels, three shocks rear bumper, front bumper, tail, nose, and arm guard smashed in.

I am looking forward to bringing that momentum into Atlantic City where I have second Gambler Classic wins. The car is all rebuilt and looking forward to get back into victory lane again! As a team we need to be fast right from the start, so we have a good time trial run. A top five would be awesome since they line up heats and features off of your time trial run.

I have a lot of history in AC, back from when I was a kid terrorizing that Boardwalk Hall with my friends. It is always nice to race in my home state since our family always races in New England or Oswego!

Allentown was a good run for Anthony too, as he went from 14th to second in the B-Main on Friday, only to have it ripped away under yellow. Anthony was run over as the yellow flew. It is hard, as a dad, watching your kids race and getting dumped. People look at as if I am an angry man but it is just the passion and love for racing that makes it come out in an angry way sometimes. I want to get him into the race in AC, he’s been fast, just no damn luck… and that’s what these races have turned into.

I would like to thank all our sponsors that make this addiction possible, without you all it wouldn’t be possible!!!”

Anthony Payne – “Unfortunately, Allentown was nothing but bad luck for me. The car wouldn’t hook up. We went out for time trials and did horrible. Once we got the car working, we missed the transfer in heat by two positions. That started us in the back of the B Main because of the bad Time Trial. I was second, transferred, and then was driven over and destroyed about 75 feet from the finish line. Saturday was the same thing. Once we got the car hooked up, the bad time trial screwed me up and I started way too far back to come to any qualified positions and didn’t make the race Friday or Saturday.

Atlantic City is the biggest indoor race of the three races. For me it is the most meaningful indoor race. I grew up watching my dad race at the famed Atlantic City Convention Hall. Growing up, I thought indoor racing was the coolest and craziest racing. Everyone racing was wheel to wheel and driving as hard as they could the whole time. also the people that raced there were always big names. I always dreamed about racing indoors and getting a one two finish with me and my father.

I have been lucky enough to have my father by my side for most of my racing career. I’m also lucky enough that my father is as good of a wheel man as he is. He has always given me advice and taught me the ins and outs of most race tracks. He has also taught me tricks for restarts. The biggest thing is I have to get my luck to change.

Atlantic City hasn’t been so lucky with me in previous years. My first year we had motor problems with injectors sticking. Last year we struggled with set up and missed the show by one spot. In this upcoming race I’m looking forward to it. We have the rebuilt Laffler Chassis with a better motor package than last year, I’m confident in the set-up we are going to use for this years Gambler’s Classic.”

The Indoor Auto Racing Championship fueled by VP Racing Fuels kicks off this Friday , with racing slated for Friday and Saturday evenings.

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