Amy and Tommy Catalano share Twin 20 Victories at Spencer – PTD Exclusive


WILLIAMSON, NY – The Sunoco Modifieds ran Twin 20’s on Friday night and to every one’s surprise it was going to be a birthday present to remember for the one known as Momma Bear, who was celebrating her 20 something birthday, again.

Eddie Hawkins and Andy Lewis brought the field to the green with Hawkins grabbing the top spot heading into turn one. Lewis tried to use the outside line but couldn’t make it stick. Amy Catalano muscled her way under younger son and sophomore driver Timmy Catalano for the third spot and set her sights on Lewis. Amy got under Lewis in a drag race to turn one, but things would slow quickly as positions six on back checked up and freshman driver Maddy Virts lost control after a rough rear slam that sent her left into a stiff pile of tires that stopped her quicker than a bullet hitting an armored truck. Virts with help climbed from her ride and tried to walk off the pain but fell to the ground. While being evaluated pit side it was learned that Virts was experiencing numbness to her right leg and arm, so the decision was made to transport to Strong Memorial in Rochester where she would spend the night for observation.

On the restart Hawkins attempted to run away but Catalano’s #64 was just to powerful exiting turn two she got under Hawkins and was on her way to her first victory of the season but before the fight for second thru fifth had to be settled and it wouldn’t take long before Andy Lewis was able to get around Hawkins for second and then it was Mike Leaty taking over third after getting around both Tommy and Timmy Catalano who ran fourth and fifth. On lap twelve Andy Lewis pushed his way past Leaty to take the runner up spot back from Leaty and the top five would remain the same and ‘Momma Bear was now able to celebrate in victory lane.

While in victory lane Timmy pulled his No. 45 up to his moms rear bumper and gave it a bump when asked what that was about Amy replied, “he was congratulating me on the win and at the same time telling me I would be back in 2019. I had an agreement with the boys if I won a feature this year I would return next season to race with them.”

In the second 20 lapper Darryl Lewis Jr and Tommy Catalano brought the field down the front stretch to the green. Lewis had the top spot but Catalano hung with him going down the back stretch and into turn three with Catalano having a slight advantage. As the two headed into turn one Catalano was able to get by but Lewis didn’t go away. On lap six Leaty got under Lewis for the runner up spot and Amy Catalano moved from seventh to fifth as she got around Andy Lewis and Timmy Catalano.

The caution flew on lap twelve slowing the field for a spinning Geoff Sharkey in turn one. During the yellow Timmy Catalano gave up his top five running spot to come pit side for an air pressure adjustment to the right rear.

On the restart the top five of Tommy C, Darryl Lewis, Mike Leaty, Amy and Eddie Hawkins diced it up pulling wheel to wheel into turn one. Three circuits later Leaty got around Lewis for second and Hawkins got around Amy for fourth. Leaty had one chance to get by Catalano but the Rocket Graphix #54 was to strong and got his second Sunoco Modified win of 2018.

“We do a lot of racing and this was one of the fastest cars I have had and that’s because of the people that help us. My mom and dad, my grandfather, my brothers and our friends and I thank them all for the help.”

Feature finish:
Sunoco Mods #1: Amy Catalano, Andy Lewis, Mike Leaty, Timmy Catalano, Tommy Catalano, Darryl Lewis Jr, Eddie Hawkins, Luke Cino, Geoff Sharkey, Maddy Virts, Mikey Nickels and Matt Lees

Sunoco Mods #2: Tommy Catalano, Mike Leaty, Darryl Lewis Jr, Eddie Hawkins, Amy Catalano, Andy Lewis, Timmy Catalano, Luke Cino, Mikey Nickles, Geoff Sharkey DNS: Matt Lees and Maddy Virts