Jedrzejek Drives Flawless Race To Win His Fifth Supernationals at Oswego Speedway


OSWEGO, NY  – Saturday night’s Jack Murphy Memorial Super Nationals at Oswego Speedway featured both heartbreak for some and excitement for others. First in race warmups, Rich Reid, who had won his heat earlier, suffered a hard hit into the foam between turns 3 and 4 in his 55 before the race even started. Just prior to that outside front row starter Dave Danzer had scratched from the event, leaving Tyler Thompson his spot. Leading the way for 20 laps was 16-year old Tyler Thompson, who started outside front row, and took the point from the green. Unfortunately for Thompson his night ended in a cloud of smoke and a fire when his motor blew on the 98 on lap 21. He was okay but his car was not. Ironically, second place runner Trent Stephens took over up front but only for a very short time when his 19 slowed out front, bringing out a yellow. His car also had motor problems and he pulled off the track.

On the restart,Timmy Jedrzejek, took over in the Lane 97 and less than 40 laps later pulled into victory lane for his fifth Super Nationals win and his seventh feature wins overall at Oswego since his first in June victory in 2002.

Chasing Jedrzejek intensely was Mike Lichty, who had won the race in 2017. Closing in but not really catching the lead duo were Chris Perley, Dave Shullick Jr. and two-time feature winner in 2018, Mike Ordway Jr. But Timmy J was able to fend off all attempts to take his lead, coming into victory lane with a little room to spare.

Jedrzek made it his day after taking fast time in qualifyng with a 14.975. then taking one of the three heats run. He topped off the night with a Super Nationals win.

BOX SCORE: 25th annual Oswego Speedway Super Nationals Jack Murphy Memorial 60

Time Trials: Tim Jedrzejek, fast time

Heat 1: Tim Jedrzejek, Kyle Edwards, Mike Lichty, Michael Muldoon, Jon McKennedy, AJ Lesiecki and Lou LeVea Sr.

Heat 2: Rich Reid, Chris Perley, Dan Bowes, Mike Ordway Jr., Dave Danzer, Mark Sammut, Larry Lehnert

Heat 3: Trent Stephens, Mike McVetta, Dave Shullick Jr., Ben Seitz, Tyler Thompson, Jonathan Lesiecki. Jamie Timmons

FEATURE (60), 1. Tim Jedrzejek 97, 2. Mike Lichty 84, 3. Chris Perley 11, 4. Dave Shullick Jr. 95, 5. Mike Ordway Jr. 61, 6. Michael Muldoon 10, 7. Kyle Edwards 1E, 8. Mike McVetta 22, 9. Mark Sammut 78, 10. Dan Bowes 25, 11. Jamie Timmons 27, 12. Ben Seitz 32, 13. Lou LeVea Sr 66, 14. Jon McKennedy 21, 15. AJ Lesiecki 77, 16. Trent Stephens 19, 17. Tyler Thompson 98, 18. Jonathan Lesiecki 7, 19. Larry Lehnert 92, 20. Dave Danzer 52, 21. Rich Reid 55.