Tony Hanbury wins SST Mod 100 at Wyoming County International Speedway – PTD Exclusive


PERRY, NY – Tony Hanbury invaded WCIS Bull Ring on Saturday night in hopes to grab the win and the $1,000 top prize in the Gary Noe 1H, just as he did earlier this year, but he would have to hold off the other invaders of Rusty Smith and TJ Potrzebowski and Timmy Lewis Jr along with 2018 Track Champion Ricky Knapp and wouldn’t you know that’s exactly what he did.

“This car, just like it was earlier in the year was fast. It worked in both lanes, but on the outside it was really good,” Hanbury said. “We worked on it after practice to make it better for the heat then again after the heat and it just got faster. I was lucky to have such a good car, a great bunch of guys to work with and to have Gary Noe ask me to drive it and I can’t wait to do it again in October.”

The top twelve redrew after the heats for the feature running order with regulars Bro Bradshaw and Allan Bookmiller starting on the front row. As for the invaders Rusty Smith would go away six, Hanbury eighth, Potrzebowski ninth, Knapp eleventh.

At the drop of the green it was Bookmiller grabbing the early lead with regulars of Bo Bradshaw, Beth Dennie, Geoff Sharkey and Patti Hanbury were the top five. Patti Hanbury quickly got by Sharkey for fourth with Rusty Smith grabbing the fifth spot. On the next circuit it was Smith took over third and Tony Hanbury made his presence known as he took over fifth.

With Bookmiller and Bradshaw running one and two thru 7 laps it was the next circuit when Smith and Tony Hanbury ganged up on Bradshaw to take over second and third with Potrzebowski taking fourth moving Bradshaw back to fifth. Two laps later Knapp took fifth moving Bradshaw back to the six spot. The next eight circuits the top six would remain the same until the caution flew for a stopped Bookmiller on the front stretch. Bookmiller hit the pits and returned before the green came back out joining the tail end of the field.

When the green came back out the top four would remain the same, but the battle for fifth and six between Toad Bradshaw and John Barber would go on for several laps before Barber took over fifth and then got by Knapp for fourth. Barber worked TJ for several laps for third finally getting by, but Hanbury and Smith checked out to a new zip code which set up the battle for third on back. Several laps later Knapp got by Barber for fourth and on the same lap Toad Bradshaw got by Barber for fifth. Just before halfway Daniel Majchrzak was making his presence known taking over six then worked Bradshaw for many laps before taking over fifth on the 57 lap. Majchrzak then worked TJ for fourth finally taking the spot on lap 71. Allan Bookmiller was back up running six and putting pressure on TJ for the fifth spot finally taking it on lap 77.

The top six would remain the same even though Knapp and Book Miller would swap the third spot back and fourth a couple of times before Knapp conquered. Then it was Bookmiller and Potrzebowski swapping the fifth and six spot. On lap 90 TJ took 5th setting the top five at the finish.

Hanbury and Smith ran away with the top two spots by ten car lengths. Knapp, Majchrzak and Potrzebowski rounded out the top five spots.

“ The car was good, but it wanted to run the high groove, but Tony was there and I just couldn’t use the bottom the car was just too tight to run down there,” Rusty Smith said.

Ricky Knapp was happy to finish third. “We made every change possibly to run up front, but I guess we didn’t make enough to run with the top two, they must of made all the right changes. We had a good year here, three wins and the track championship which was our goal, so I’m pretty happy. We will get things back on track with more changes for October and hopefully come away with that win.”

4 Cylinders Heats: O.Bradshaw, J.Gustafson
1) J.Gustafson,
2) J.Pierce Jr,
3) G.Moldts,
4) O.Bradshaw,
5) J.Klamut,
6) S.Sickles,
7) K.Ricketson,
8) J.Sass,
9) M.Hurlburt,
10) K.Kocher,
1) M.Virts,
12) K.Landcastle,
13) D.Heimes (DNS)

Super 6 Heats: J.Parthemer, B.Hallett
1) B.Schenk,
2) B.Hallett,
3) B.Allen,
4) J.Parthemer,
5) R.Cassidy,
6) F.Kline,
7) A.Cocilova,
8) T.Faro,
9) A.Knoepfler,
10) C.Parsons

Super Stocks Heats: D.Majchrzak, J.Horvatits
1) J.Horvatits,
2) Z.Meyers,
3) P.Flye,
4) S.Gleed,
5) E.Hastreiter,
6) C.Hicks,
7) K.Lanni,
8) F.Kline,
9) K.Skoney,
10) D.Majchrzak,
11) M.Chenaille,
12) B.Raycroft, \
13) E.Stone (DNS)

SST Modifieds Heats: A.Bookmiller, R.Smith, P.Pruitt
1) T.Hanbury,
2) R.Smith,
3) R.Knapp Jr,
4) D.Majchrzak,
5) Tj.Potrobowski,
6) T.Bradshaw,
7) C.Logsdon,
8) B.Dennie,
9) J.Dennie,
10) C.Bolton,
11) T.Lewis,
12) Z.Kosachook,
13) A.Bookmiller,
14) P.Pruitt,
15) B.Bradshaw,
16) S.Fuchs,
17) J.Barber,
18) N.Michielsen,
19) B.Kosachook,
20) B.Kosachook Sr,
21) G.Sharkey,
22) D.Kluth,
23) J.Matzen,
24) T.Alloco,
25) J.Whithey,
26) G.Noe (DNS)